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Aniruddha Thy Grace - English Audio CD

Track List

1) Watch a smile
2) Life is the river
3) Bapu taught me to love
4) Anger is the number one
5) Taller are the bells
6) Bapu thy Grace
7) I’II stand on my own
8) Gone are the days
9) If you lose your eyes
10) If you are looking for
11) All the way
12) Do we go to fish market

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Anjanamata Book (Set of 2)

Anjanamata Book – (Print Copy – 2 Books in One Set)
Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu has gifted all the Shraddhavans with this ‘Aanjanamata Book’ – a simplest and beautiful way of making Aadimata Aanjana and her son Ramdoot Hanumant active in every Shraddhavans life. Aanjanamata book provides us with the strength to fight all odds in life and become a ‘Vanarsainik’ of Lord Ram. By writing this book one acquires the potency to fight alone with his prarabdha without depending upon others and the grace of Sadguru flows continuously. This is the biggest benefit of writing the Aanjanamata books.


Krupasindhu English Print Copy (Quarterly - Yearly 4 Issues)

‘Krupa’ is grace and ‘sindhu’ is the ocean – not of the waters. The ‘sindhu’ is the ocean, the infiniteness that was before the universe came into being and that will be even after the dissolution of the universe. It is therefore, the ocean that always is. It is eternal and infinite. It is ‘Him’, the Paramatma, the Sadguru…

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Panchasheel Practical Book (English)

‘The Shree Saisachcharit is of course a work that depicts the leela, the life and
times and the mission of Shree Sainath but also one that illustrates the lives of His
bhaktas’ says Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu. These great bhaktas family persons
like any of us, then become guides leading us on the apt path in life. It is precisely
these norms, precisely their values that the deep study and contemplation over
the Saisachcharit brings about when we undertake to study it for the Panchasheel
examination. This examination comprises five levels and ‘Panchami’, the fifth one includes
practicals along with the writing of a journal. Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu
beautifully weaves together science and spirituality to simplify for our sakes, large
facts and principles. As suggested by the title, viz. “The Complete Lifescience” this book contains a
complete guidance to leading a beautiful life, complete in every sense and one
that is an implementation of values – and we mean of course, values that we have
understood on the basis of actual practical learning and so accepted with our
eyes open. Watching the that pulley helps to lift huge weight and relating it to the
Sadguru who helps lift the burden of adversities in life for instance makes aware of
His active presence and role in our life, keeps us humble and in gratitude but above
all it makes us positive and hopeful in adversity. The book intends to reveal to us
this fact and also strengthen our step on the path of bhakti.

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Ramnaam Book (Set of 4)

Ramnaam Book (Print Copy – 4 Books in one set)

Aniruddha’s Universal Bank of Ramnaam implies a notebook which gives the devotees an opportunity to recollect the sacred name of God. Every page of the book has Lord Hanumanta’s image watermarked in the background, on which the devotees get the golden opportunity to write various names of God. While writing Ramnaam notebook we get connected with the divine name of the Lord which we chant while writing it. This is the biggest benefit of writing the Ramnaam books.

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Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh - A Peerless Organization In The World (English)

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was founded in the year 1925. The seed that Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar sowed ninety years back, has now grown into a huge Banyan tree – A Vatavriksha of immense expanse and stature. So, just how many branches and how many leaves this vast Vatavriksha might have, is not in the least easy to keep count of. The fact remains all the same, that this organization stands erect – tall and competent, its roots embedded very deep in the Bharatiya mind and mindset; and is developing at the pace and on the lines of the Vatavriksha – an expansive Banyan tree indeed. Not limiting itself to this country, the Sangh is active in every such country, that the Bharatiya finds himself in. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is in fact, not merely an organization, it has become a tradition, a tradition that bonds firm, the Bharatiya living abroad, with his motherland, with his culture.

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Shree Shwasam Guhyasooktam ENGLISH Audio CD

Shree Shwasam Guhyasooktam ENGLISH Audio CD

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Shreemad Pursharth Granthraj - Prempravas (English)

Each of us is on a journey and so is the universe. All creation concludes where it arose – in ‘Him’, the One who is the ultimate Truth, the ultimate source of Love and the ultimate source of Joy and also, the highest purpose that every human seeks. This quest is our journey and ‘He’ the Sadguru-Parmatma is our purpose in life.
Our journey will be fulfilling if it is purposefully and joyful oriented towards this purpose, if it is full with and inspired by Love, ‘His’ love that gives strength, fearlessness. A journey that is accomplished with the constant awareness of ‘His’ unconditional love translates into a happy life of bhakti and valour.
The ‘Prempravas’ is an assurance that every single person’s journey of life can be beautiful because it is basically meant to lead to ‘Him’ (Love) and meant to be done with ‘Him’ (Love). This work tells us how to do it and how simple it is to do it.
The first section, the Purvaranga, talks about how immense, how infinite the Bhagavanta is. The second section, the Shreeranga, tells us how close He is to us despite His imensity. The third section, the Madhufalvatika, the resting abode of the vanar soldiers is rich in ‘fruits’ of satisfying sweetness and are essentially like the honey that Sadguru Shree Aniruddha has left open for us in the form of this work.
In sum, not apart from it, the ‘Prempravas’ (the journey of love) is ‘Satyapravesh’ and both are Joy.

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Shreemad Pursharth Granthraj - Satyaprawesh (English)

‘Satyapravesh’, the first of the three volumes of the Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaj, in keeping with Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu’s mission referred to above, indicates the path towards the ultimate principle – the highest purpose of human life, revealing in simple and lucid language,
the path of bhakti and nishkam karmayog
the path of bhakti and selfless service (seva)
and above all also a path of strength because strength comes from the awareness of the Parmatma’s unconditional love for us.
Intending to rid society at large of its misplaced notions, fear and blind beliefs, the work opens up the true meaning of about bhakti, worldly life, spirituality and so reveals how simple the path to progress and happiness is.
‘Satyapravesh’ opens for us the gateways to a beautiful domain, above all of a basic truth– the awareness that the Parmatma loves us and is with us at all times. The ‘Satyapravesh’ i.e. the stepping into this domain, this way of life, then happens for the shraddhavaan.

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Textbook of Disaster Management (English)

Going by the increasing trend of disasters happening around us be its natural or manmade, it would, in due course of time, become incumbent upon every citizen of this country to be aware of how to respond to and handle disasters. This textbook facilitates this.

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The Bapu that I have known

‘The Bapu that I have known’ – A unique and a crisp compilation, the book acquaints us with the multifarious personality of Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi (Sadguru Shree Aniruddha).

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The Third World War (English)

The subject of this book is not merely terrorism or anti-terrorism war based on the study of events that have occurred till now; it is a reflection over the possibilities that will unravel in the times to come. There is no doubt that over the next twenty to twenty-five years, conflict will become an aspect of everyday doings and in every region on earth. This is not telling the future. This is a study, a study of history and of the present circumstances…