Shreemad Pursharth Granthraj – Satyaprawesh (English)


‘Satyapravesh’, the first of the three volumes of the Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaj, in keeping with Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu’s mission referred to above, indicates the path towards the ultimate principle – the highest purpose of human life, revealing in simple and lucid language,
the path of bhakti and nishkam karmayog
the path of bhakti and selfless service (seva)
and above all also a path of strength because strength comes from the awareness of the Parmatma’s unconditional love for us.
Intending to rid society at large of its misplaced notions, fear and blind beliefs, the work opens up the true meaning of about bhakti, worldly life, spirituality and so reveals how simple the path to progress and happiness is.
‘Satyapravesh’ opens for us the gateways to a beautiful domain, above all of a basic truth– the awareness that the Parmatma loves us and is with us at all times. The ‘Satyapravesh’ i.e. the stepping into this domain, this way of life, then happens for the shraddhavaan.

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