Shreemad Pursharth Granthraj – Prempravas (English)


Each of us is on a journey and so is the universe. All creation concludes where it arose – in ‘Him’, the One who is the ultimate Truth, the ultimate source of Love and the ultimate source of Joy and also, the highest purpose that every human seeks. This quest is our journey and ‘He’ the Sadguru-Parmatma is our purpose in life.
Our journey will be fulfilling if it is purposefully and joyful oriented towards this purpose, if it is full with and inspired by Love, ‘His’ love that gives strength, fearlessness. A journey that is accomplished with the constant awareness of ‘His’ unconditional love translates into a happy life of bhakti and valour.
The ‘Prempravas’ is an assurance that every single person’s journey of life can be beautiful because it is basically meant to lead to ‘Him’ (Love) and meant to be done with ‘Him’ (Love). This work tells us how to do it and how simple it is to do it.
The first section, the Purvaranga, talks about how immense, how infinite the Bhagavanta is. The second section, the Shreeranga, tells us how close He is to us despite His imensity. The third section, the Madhufalvatika, the resting abode of the vanar soldiers is rich in ‘fruits’ of satisfying sweetness and are essentially like the honey that Sadguru Shree Aniruddha has left open for us in the form of this work.
In sum, not apart from it, the ‘Prempravas’ (the journey of love) is ‘Satyapravesh’ and both are Joy.

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