Panchasheel Practical Book (English)


‘The Shree Saisachcharit is of course a work that depicts the leela, the life and
times and the mission of Shree Sainath but also one that illustrates the lives of His
bhaktas’ says Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu. These great bhaktas family persons
like any of us, then become guides leading us on the apt path in life. It is precisely
these norms, precisely their values that the deep study and contemplation over
the Saisachcharit brings about when we undertake to study it for the Panchasheel
examination. This examination comprises five levels and ‘Panchami’, the fifth one includes
practicals along with the writing of a journal. Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu
beautifully weaves together science and spirituality to simplify for our sakes, large
facts and principles. As suggested by the title, viz. “The Complete Lifescience” this book contains a
complete guidance to leading a beautiful life, complete in every sense and one
that is an implementation of values – and we mean of course, values that we have
understood on the basis of actual practical learning and so accepted with our
eyes open. Watching the that pulley helps to lift huge weight and relating it to the
Sadguru who helps lift the burden of adversities in life for instance makes aware of
His active presence and role in our life, keeps us humble and in gratitude but above
all it makes us positive and hopeful in adversity. The book intends to reveal to us
this fact and also strengthen our step on the path of bhakti.

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